At the end of 2019, we launched the Expé, our fork cage for bikepacking and bike travel. In 2022, it’s back with a brand new design!

At the origin of the development of the Expé, three main desires:

_create an ultra robust and voluminous fork cage, offering a loading solution at the crossroads of bikepacking and cycle touring

_design this fork cage with an adjustable center distance, to make it compatible with all forks, including those with only a central eyelet and a fender eyelet

_address a wide range of practice, including off-road

The old version of the Expé was out of stock for some time. It was time to relaunch a series, and we took the opportunity to revamp the design of the Expé!

Still made in France in our workshop, and 168gr less!

Since the Expé has been on the market, it has been tested on many different terrains, from the Col du Tourmalet to the Moroccan Atlas. What constitute a good feedback taken into account for this new version.

The general design of the Expé does not fundamentally change. Always made up of a main bend and cut parts, the Expé is delivered as a kit. We know that you really enjoyed “making” your own pair of Expé, so we kept the idea.

Here are the main changes:

_General dimensions: the height of the Expé has been increased from 30 to 25cm. Offering a maximum center distance adjustment of 19cm, this dimension keeps the Expé compatible with all forks with at least two eyelets

_Strap loops: The strap loops keep the straps in place when the load is removed from the Expé. Its design has been completely revised to increase the durability of the product while reducing its weight.

_Screws: the Expé hardware nomenclature has also been reviewed, in particular to lighten the system

The 2022 version of the Expé weighs 196gr, compared to 280gr for the 2019 version. A considerable gain of 168gr less for a pair!

Still manufactured in our workshop, the Expé is now produced in larger series. The objective: to reduce its price. Formerly at 155 euros per pair, the Expé is now sold at 133 euros.

To find all the information about the 2022 version of the 2022 Expé and order your pair, head to the store!