Bike traveling, a passion that feed us

What is more enlightening than traveling by bike, discover new places, people and discover yourself ?

Maybe building a touring bike for a client is one of our greatest pleasures. It is like reading the stories or having a look at pictures that our clients send us from their bike adventures. Knowing that our work has taken you around the world ? It is also about bringing our feedback from our own practice to make your journey as serene and beautiful as possible.

Prior to the manufacture of a handcrafted travel bike

A touring bike is a very complete design brief and a plenty of discussions to know as well as possible your project and traveling practice. Of course it begins with the behaviour sought and the components chosen according to the type of journey. But it also is the degree of autonomy targeted, the resulting luggages and the luggages rack, the electrical autonomy and the lighting.

The discussion is long, and the journey already begins a little at the workshop.