“We are two engineers, Silvin and Thomas, both passionate about bike culture and bike travel.

We created Manivelle to invent our own profession, to bring our convictions often in opposition to what the cycle industry proposes, to develop a strong traditional craftsmanship while keeping our creative sensibility in order to propose cycles and cycle accessories unique in their kind.

Our cycling is above all about adventure and travelling by bike in all its forms, both on the road and on steep paths. This is where most of the handcrafted bikes fit in, from ultra-distance bikes to gravel bikes to touring bikes or the mountain bike designed for bikepacking.

The city is our second playground and we also like to create urban bikes that make trips more fun!

What makes us special is that, in addition to our craftsman’s-framers hat, we offer a catalogue of bicycle accessories made exclusively in France. Discover our luggage racks and our bicycle luggage. Whether it’s for your bikepacking adventures or for the velotaf, our responsibly made accessories with quality materials are here to accompany you!”

Thomas Kieber et Silvin Kutsch, co-fonders of Manivelle

Thomas (on the left) et Silvin (on the right)