Le Vide Poche – Pouch bag


The Food Pouch is perfect for bikepacking or traveling by bike The Pouch bag is designed perfectly suit to your mountain, gravel or road bike. Thanks to an easy one-handed opening/closing system, you can access to your snacks while riding your bike. The pouch bag has a perfect size to carry your watter bottle and some tools.

We wanted the the Food Pouch to be made of up-cycled materials. And to achieve this, we have created our own up-cycling system. Originally designed to cover trucks, our tarpaulins are about to experience a completely different adventure. After being collected, sorted, cut and cleaned, they are ready to be transformed into a pouch bag.

The Pouch bag is handmade in France We work in partnership with an association helping people work towards professional reinsertion. This association, based in Strasbourg, is specialized in textiles since 1997. Whatever the nationality of the craftsman, a beautiful human story is always hidden behind your Pouch Bag

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Volume: 1.3L (9x9x17cm)

Weight: 80 grams

3-point Velcro® fastening with polyester cord

Handmade in France by the Libre Objet social integration project

Waterproof truck tarpaulin for reuse

Parachute canopy from dormant stock

Polyester webbing made in France

YKK components

Velcro® fasteners