The custom-made gravel bike, a history of good compromise

The gravel denomination is making noise, because it is a practice that is being democratised at great speed and because it is a marketing term used too widely by the cycle industry. To us, a gravel bike is simply a bike who allows you to access tracks that are a mix of road and trail. Who knows how to be versatile without making concessions. Then, each one places the cursor between road and mountain bike where it decides it !

To each his own gravel practice

From the gravel getting closer to a road bike with a more generous tyre, to the monstercross which is more closer to the geometry of a rigid mountain bike from the 90s, the panel is large and we’re here to guide you towards the most suitable design for your current and future practice.

A gravel bike is by definition between several types of bikes, the discussion around the assembly is also essential. Single or double drive, rim size, tyre section, handlebar type etc.

Most of our gravel bikes tend widely towards a bikepacking practice, because getting off the beaten track and waiting for unusual places is always more fun when you have something to bivouac and prolong the pleasure;

Check out some examples of handcrafted gravels