The custom-made road bike, between performance and discovery

Road cycling is about the research for speed, intensity, distance and records. It’s also the quest of breathtaking views of the mountains, the crossing of the most beautiful villages of France, the meeting with other enthusiasts.

Whatever is the motivation that pushes you to arrive at the top of the mountain pass, our expertise and our craftsmanship are there to accompany you in your project.

The steel makes his comeback in the handcrafted road bike.

Working with the high quality tubes from Columbus such as the Spirit HSS range/ line, our road bikes reach a level of performance to match your aspirations. Stability, rigidity, explosiveness, filtration : steel has evolved and made a big return in the platoons that had put it for a long time in the wardrobe like carbon.

Steel, thanks to its high capacity of filtration induced by his high elastic limit, takes on its full meaning in the ultra distance on the road. Riding fast, yes, but mostly riding for a long time, is the secret of the greatest champion of this discipline/field which has been growing incredibly fast in recent years.