Discover Chantal’s Manivelle N°49!
This is our second delivery of the week, but like a few others, there are some things that will never become routine.
We had imagined the sun among us for this morning delivery. It is finally the fog that accompanies Chantal’s arrival, but that does not take anything away from her excitement.

“I’m apprehensive,” she said as soon as she arrived. It’s understandable, it’s still a lot of confidence put into our hands when a custom project gets underway. “You don’t see the bike until the project is finished, so right before, I’m a little freaked out! I still like my current bike, I’m still very attached to it! I hope that my Manivelle will be as good”. With these few words, our heart rate goes up a bit, even if we know very well the level of expectation that our customers (and us) place in our bikes.

Let’s put the context of the project in a few words. Chantal has been riding her road bike for many years. She continues to enjoy riding, but her current bike was beginning to show its limitations. Back pain, a frame that is too rigid, early fatigue, difficulties in accessing the saddle. We worked to solve his problems while delivering a project that would give him just as much feeling on the road, if not more.

Chantal arrived early to the appointment, and we ask her to wait a few moments in front of the workshop to install the lights and hide the bike. “I’ve already seen the color!” sings Chantal. Our customers are often childlike during these delivery moments.

Everything is in place, we invite him to enter the workshop. After a few words, we feel that her gaze is constantly directed towards his still hidden bike. We don’t play with his nerves any longer, and the sheet falls.

“What a nice surprise. It’s beautiful, it’s a gem. This last minute panic had clouded my images, I didn’t know what to expect. In any case, it’s even better. Thank you ” Chantal’s hands and smile applaud us. I feel that she sees all those next years with that bike, bringing her quite an amount of joy.

We offer to take it for a spin. We love to watch our customers take their Manivelle in hand. How do they hold it? What look? What words? And how long before jumping on the saddle? Once through the door, about 20 seconds for this one. Chantal excitedly grabs her new mate and disappears into the mist. After several minutes, she reappears with a beautiful smile on her face. “I feel so comfortable, everything is great “

We ask her for a small portrait, she complies and gives us her thumb. “I’m not photogenic right!”

Back at the workshop, we talk to her about the basics of maintaining her bike, she who has never had disc brakes. But her mind is elsewhere and she only wants to fly away from the workshop and continue her journey on her new bike.

So we wish him well on his way, and enjoy his last smile through the studio’s glass roof.


Fork: Columbus Futura Gravel // Frame: Custom Manivelle, Columbus Life & Zona // Crankset: Rotor Vegast 38dts // Transmission: Sram Apex, 11-42 // Brakes: TRP Spyre // Wheels : Mavic AllRoad 650B // Hanger: Contec Mito // Headset: Hope // Saddle : Berthoud Marie-Blanque // Tire: Panaracer Pari-Moto // Stem: Ritchey // Seatpost : Manivelle x Starbar // Handles : Esy Chunky


Delivered to the workshop on 14.02.23