Live the experience of the custom-made and discover the backstages of the handcrafted build of your bike.

Creating a handcrafted bike is before all creating a relationship between you, future customers, and us, craftsmens. Those interactions, most of the time full of stories and experiences, feed day after day the passion for our profession and shows us how much the custom-made takes its full meaning. To each his practice, our role is to guide you through the different choices who allow you to bring your ideal bike to life.

After a first contact via email or on the phone per example, we will agree on a first meeting at the workshop. As each client is different, so are these first meetings. Here is one of the scenarios that can be experienced when you walk through the doors of our workshop.

From the first meeting to the start of the production


  • The encounter :A first open discussion starts the exchange. Your habits, your job, your travels, your passions, or the sports you practice; all these elements allow us to draw an outline of your portrait. We would like to take this opportunity to show you around the workshop, talk about our background and present our profession as craftsmen and bike framers.
  • Talk about cycling: We then get to the heart of the matter to determine your current and future cycling habits. We ask about your experiences and your cycling adventures, your expectations, your next projects, the bikes you have already tried out and any references you like. This stage is essential and defines the design and general conception of your bike, its equipment and its racks. Using our expertise and feedback from our passion for cycling and travel, we will guide you through these choices as much as necessary, whether you have 15 years of cycling experience or if your next trip is your first. This exchange is likely to leave some questions open, in which case we will give you time to think about them so that you don’t rush into any choices.
  • Design and postural study : during this technical stage, we take a series of measurements that define your skeleton. This is then transferred to our modelling software and allows us to design the geometry and design of your bike. In addition to your measurements, all the points previously discussed to %22map%22 your practice (comfort/performance, type of course, loading, etc.) enter the equation and define, among other things, the grade of steel used, the angles, the lengths and diameters of the various tubes, the positioning of the inserts, the cable passages. No detail is left to chance ! A set of 3D renderings and geometry drawings are sent to you at the end of the conception process.

    The manufacturing of your handcrafted bike


    The design of the bike is confirmed, the components and accessories are defined. The manufacturing of your project can finally start ! The craftsmanship requires time and it is a part of the custom-made experience. During the manufacturing of your Manivelle cycle, if you wish, we can send you pictures of the backstage during the tube processing, welding and assembly. We never show you too much, to keep the surprise intact on delivery.

    The rest of the adventure


    The appointment at the workshop for the delivery is taken, your bike is ready and waiting for you. We take the opportunity to chat and take some pictures, and you are off for the first few kilometers on your Manivelle cycle. We offer a first free revision after the first 500kms, to check that the bike is properly functioning, but above all to have the pleasure of seeing you (and your bike) again. If the first meeting already presents many scenarios, the rest of the adventure is even more unpredictable. But our customer/manufacturer relationship is unchanging, and of course we keep in touch. Our workshop is always open. The next stage is also a good excuse to enjoy a few rides together in the region and to continue sharing the passion for cycling.