The reflector


High visibility bike Reflector

The reflector is easy to install under your saddle. Combining truck tarpaulin and high visibility reflective fabric, you’ll stay visible during the night.

We wanted the reflector to be made of up-cycled materials. To reach this goal, we save the smallest truck tarpaulin leftovers generated by the production of our Musettes or Cabas The reflective fabric comes from old safety jacket

The reflector is handmade in France We work in partnership with an association helping people work towards professional reinsertion. This association, based in Strasbourg, is specialized in textiles since 1997. Whatever the nationality of the craftsman a beautiful human story is always hidden behind your reflector

Do you have a question about the product? We invite you to visit our F.A.Q. or contact us at contact@cyclesmanivelle if you can’t find your answer there!

Size: 9×9,5cm

Wheight: 6gr

Up-cycled reflective fabric

Up-cycled truck trapaulin

Handmade in France