Discover the TOMI # 10.
The more the meetings with our clients pass, the more we observe the proliferation of approaches to cycling travel and traveler profiles that may exist.
François has always been a great sportsman, especially at a high level in football. And he has already planned on the rest of his adventure, he who has been retired for a few weeks. Cycling will play an important role here, since François plans to get on his bike more and more often and for longer and longer with his wife.
We therefore concocted a TOMI # 10 ready to follow him everywhere, offering him comfort and stability, whether empty or loaded and on any type of terrain. The cockpit is designed around the Jones H-Bar offering multiple positioning possibilities for the hands. The transmission is also tailor-made since we worked with Spécialité TA to mount a 40×24 double chainring, much more suited to François’ practice than classic compact cranksets.
Have a good trip François!
Fork: Custom steel crank // Crankset: TA Horizon Double specialty 40×24 teeth // Cassette: Shimano 11 speed 11-36 // Étrier de frein à disque : TRP Spyre // Disques : Sram disc 160mm // Brake levers: TRP Spyke // Gear levers: Shimano 105 2×11 // Rear derailleur: Shimano GRX // Stem: Ritchey 60mm // Saddle stem: Ritchey // Hanger: Jones H-Bar Loop // Rims: DTSwiss R500db 650B // Front hub: Shutter Precision // Rear hub: DTSwiss 350 classic // Tires: WTB Venture 650Bx47 // Lighting: Busch & Müller IQ-X + Line small // Rear luggage rack: Custom stainless steel crank // Saddle: Gilles Berthoud aspin // Hanger tape: Gilles Berthoud // Mudguards: Gilles Berthoud 650Bx60.
Delivery in Strasbourg at the Expo du Vélo on : 10/10/2020