That’s it, La Banane is available here!

We are very pleased to present our version of La Banane. Available in 7 colors, La Banane has a lot of little details that we hope are well thought out.

Made in France and out of upcycled fabrics

The main volume is still upcycled truck tarpaulin, like our other baggage stores. A durable, waterproof, wrinkle and abrasion resistant material that we love the feel and look of. The main novelty is on the back belt. We approached Steelcase,which has a production site in Lorraine. We recover two fabrics, a 3D mesh for the padding, and a honeycomb fabric for the breathing. The result is an ergonomic and airy touch, while remaining exclusively on upcycled fabrics use. And then, on the underside of La Banane, you find small loops, those of the elastic cord, which are made from old reflective vests.

Also, like all our bags, La Banane is handmade in Strasbourg by our partner Libre Objet. Each bag passes through the hands of Porchia, Irina, Goharik, Hamid, Annie. And La Banane takes 3 hours to make! A big thank you to the whole team, full of talent and know-how.

Its characteristics:

The Banana is 2.9L (unfolded volume), with dimensions of 21.5×6.5×13 when closed. Its closure is a “roll-top”, easy to use and more waterproof than a zipper. Inside, you find a secondary pocket to separate your phone and papers from the rest of the contents. On the outside, a pocket is revealed at the back belt.

To allow you to hang your objects everywhere on La Banane (keys, lamps, tools, etc.), we have provided numerous webbing loops. And under the main volume, an elastic cord remains available to quickly put your extra layer or a small water bottle. Finally, the clip on the main strap is double, and allows you to easily adjust your banana, no matter how strong your hand is.

Its options:

We have provided two options, so that you can configure La Banane to best suit your use and your wardrobe.

The third point strap: For those who like to carry their hip bag on their bike, even when it goes fast, we have provided a stabilization strap to prevent the hip bag from slipping. It is available as an option, and is very easy to install by reproducing what you can see on the presentation photos: a part to be put around on the main strap, and a part to be tied on a small loop provided under the bag.

The colored elastic cord: La Banane is originally delivered with a black elastic cord. For the funniest of you, colored cords (green, yellow, magenta, olive) are available as an option. We will slip the extra cord into your order, and you will only have to braid it in place of the original cord.

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