Discover Jean-Baptiste’s Manivelle N°41!

JB loves asphalt, mountain passes, speed. He has been riding for several years, often in a peloton. And when he leaves alone, he likes more and more to lengthen the days and the distances. His bike was until now in carbon, with a purely road geometry. When he came to see us, JB had the following expectations: switch to steel and rethink the geometry together to move towards a bike more suitable for long-distance practice, while keeping a sharp character when he joins the peloton or wants to send over a few hours.

Friday, April 29, JB visited us at the workshop for the delivery of his Manivelle N°41.

After having shared a good coffee at the bar of the Ateliers Eclairés (third place where our workshop is located) talking about our respective latest cycling adventures, we rush into the workshop. The luminous atmosphere is ready, the bike is still hidden under its sheet. We wait a few moments to remove it, we like to make this moment last.

The bike is revealed, and JB discovers the work. Of a rather reserved nature, he is not the type to expand on his feelings. But his face opens, his expressions reveal themselves, and his eyes approach the bike. Then, he takes a step back to apprehend the whole thing again. A few silent minutes, broken first by his gaze meeting ours, his mouth translating his approval, then the first words “it’s sublime”.

The weather is nice outside, we don’t wait much longer for the first laps, and the first sensations arrive. The tests and the discussion will continue until the end of the day, it’s not just us who like to make the moment last, apparently.

Since then, Jean-Baptiste wrote to us after his first outing:
“Sunday, after 110km in just under 4 hours.
1h30 of flat headwind, 1h of ascents and descents for 1100+ in total, 1h30 return by the flat. I was on the way back happy and flushed, after 3 weeks without pedaling.
The bike is less jittery than my carbon, we knew that, but once started it won’t stop. It’s another way of riding, I like it and that’s what I was looking for.
The roads became smoother, I paid less attention to potholes. It also cost me some teasing from the one following behind, to whom I forgot to point out the holes when I was in front (life in the peloton, quite a story).
Downhill stability is disconcerting. The line of the bike, the paint are simply sublime.

In short, thank you gentlemen! »

The assembly of the Manivelle was carried out largely with the components of Jean-Baptiste’s original bike. The frame kit was made in the SPIRIT HSS series from Columbus, the fork also coming from the Milanese brand (Futura Gravel). The final assembly coming out at 9.2 kg.`

Good road to you JB!


Fork: Columbus Futura gravel disc // Framework : Custom Columbus Spirit HSS crank // Group : Shimano Ultegra Di2 // Headset: Cane Creek Hellbender // Handlebar: Ritchey Street WCS // Stem and seatpost: Ritchey
Delivered to the workshop on: 29.04.22