After the success of the first series of La Banane, we relaunched a new production a few weeks ago. The new bananas have just arrived at the workshop, and they are already available here!

All the colors are back in stock, including the cream and olive version that you had sold out in a few days during the launch of La Banane.

Produce in small quantities and improve the product with each series:

We have chosen to produce our bags on a rhythm of series with maximum batches of 50 pieces. There are several reasons for this choice:

  • start small when we launch a new reference. Before marketing a new bag, we test it over a long period of time, offering it for trial to people whose eyes we like. But there is no guarantee that you will like the product. So the first series are always in small batches, to check that our choices please you, that the use suits you, that the colors speak to you. We avoid the eternal overstock of the fashion industry.
  • question the design with each new series. There is no better way, at least for a company of our size, to validate the use of our products than with all of you who use them every day. And it seems absolutely logical to us to make the product evolve by taking into account your feedback, to improve the use and the life span of our bags. This is what we did with the second series of La Banane, with an evolution of the rolltop. The cordura insert makes this part of the bag more flexible to facilitate the closing and limit the ageing of the cover. We have indeed noticed on some rare La Banane a premature aging with the appearance of slight perforations. It is difficult to clearly characterize the source of this aging, especially because we do not know the first life of our reused tarpaulins. So even though there have been very few cases, we prefer to eliminate this potential wear. Of course, for customers with a proven case of premature wear, we suggest you contact us by email. We will work on a case by case basis, as we like to do!

A big thank you to all of you for trusting us and following our brand, we are very happy with the success of La Banane which is obviously very popular in the street. Also keep sending us pictures of you and your banana Crank, we love it!

Its characteristics:

The Banana is 2.9L (unfolded volume), with dimensions of 21.5×6.5×13 when closed. Its closure is a “roll-top”, easy to use and more waterproof than a zipper. Inside, you find a secondary pocket to separate your phone and papers from the rest of the contents. On the outside, a pocket is revealed at the back belt.

To allow you to hang your objects everywhere on La Banane (keys, lamps, tools, etc.), we have provided numerous webbing loops. And under the main volume, an elastic cord remains available to quickly put your extra layer or a small water bottle. Finally, the clip on the main strap is double, and allows you to easily adjust your banana, no matter how strong your hand is.


Its options:

We have provided two options, so that you can configure La Banane to best suit your use and your wardrobe.

The third point strap: For those who like to carry their hip bag on their bike, even when it goes fast, we have provided a stabilization strap to prevent the hip bag from slipping. It is available as an option, and is very easy to install by reproducing what you can see on the presentation photos: a part to be put around on the main strap, and a part to be tied on a small loop provided under the bag.

The colored elastic cord: La Banane is originally delivered with a black elastic cord. For the funniest of you, colored cords (green, yellow, magenta, olive) are available as an option. We will slip the extra cord into your order, and you will only have to braid it in place of the original cord.


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