The first series of the Unirack is completed, we invite you to come back in image on its manufacture carried out entirely within our workshop.

After the interest aroused by our rear rack made for the Concours de Machines 2021, we decided to manufacture it in mini-series. The Unirack, handcrafted in our workshop, is a luggage rack designed for offroad practices with a design that makes it particularly rigid, thanks to its triangulation around two fixing points. Its design pushes the rear bag farther from the saddle than on the supports already available on the market, giving the rider much more freedom of movement.

First, all the different elements making up the Unirack are bent in series. They will then be pointed with a torch on a template, then brazed.

Uniracks are made up of bent stainless steel tubes, laser cut parts and turned parts. As on the bikes, we split the manufacturing with Thomas, who prepares all the bends before I can start welding. Each bent part is drawn in relation to 3D. Respecting these plans will save time on the installation of all the parts on the template.

The first series of the Unirack was launched with 10 units. These uniracks, once they have returned from the powder coating stage, will be shipped to their future owners all over the world: France, Germany, England, Norway and America.

We will produce the Unirack in batches of 10 regularly. It therefore remains available on our online store . If you have any questions about this product, we remain available by email to answer them! ( )