[PROCHAINE DATE : 06.12.22]

Category : Textile

Price and duration : 36€/ 2h

Difficulty : Beginner

During this workshop, come and make your own tool kit. This workshop is for beginners who want to learn how to use a sewing machine and leave with something cool.

During these 2 hours, we will guide you individually, and step by step, so that you all leave with your toolkit. You can do whatever you want with it, such as storing your small repair tools (inner tube, tire iron, wrenches) and keep them with you at all times by installing the toolbox under the saddle. The person who got a flat tire in Kehl and has to walk home? After this workshop, it’s not you anymore.

What we will learn together during the workshop:

  • Getting to know the sewing machine: This workshop will allow you to learn the basics of the sewing machine. We will learn how to prepare it, adjust it, and do basic sewing. Perfect to get started with this tool, before moving on to more complex projects!
  • Working with templates: You will use templates to cut out the different parts. You can also use them to position the yokes and locate the seams. Like in a professional textile workshop!
  • Reuse the material: the tarpaulin we are working on comes from a reuse channel. We will compose your bag with fabric scraps. Choose your colors and create your own unique design. Reuse is always a source to create!

The DÉTOUR workshop program is offered in partnership with Les ateliers éclairés and is supported by the Tango&Scan.