After the success of the “60s” limited edition of Le Panier, we were eager to satisfy your color cravings once again!

So we dug out the catalog of colors from the “deadstock” of Caddie, our partner in the manufacture of our racks and baskets. Deadstock, because these are colors that Caddie has entered into stock for certain paint jobs, for specific one-shot cart orders, or products that Caddie no longer manufactures.

With the catalog in front of us, we’re looking for a theme that will help us determine an assortment. The theme of this new edition: The Basket – Infrared Edition(i.e. infrared). As cartography enthusiasts, due to hours spent in front of maps when preparing our next trip, we love infrared satellite images with their distinctive aesthetic. In film photography too, infrared has its place here with the historic Kodak Aerochrome film. Red is also Caddie’s color, and infrared is perhaps what Caddie didn’t expect to be part of their history : the Manivelle Basket.

We hope you will enjoy this new edition as much as we did. Le Panier – 60s Edition. Installed a few days ago on one of our bikes in the workshop, we’ve already seen a lot of eyes appealed by this new color scheme. And now we can’t wait to see how you match these new colors to your mounts! Finally, here’s a photograph by Richard Mosse, who did some amazing series with the Aerochrome Kodak film.


@Richard Mosse

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