Discover Hervé’s FDL #21!
As a craftsman, we take great pleasure in making the practice of our customers as pleasant as possible thanks to the tailor-made work for each project when drawing the geometry. We regularly work on the issue of comfort to extend the time spent on the bike, maneuverability for playing in the mountains, stability for loaded bikepacking. Hervé asked us about a question that we had never dealt with before. Despite a disability affecting the lower limbs of his right leg, Hervé remains a lover of cycling and practically only uses it for his daily trips. Several aspects of the bike had to be dealt with so that these journeys became nothing more than a piece of cake: accessibility to step over the bike when stationary and easily put your foot on the ground, the minimum ratio to start pedaling without power, the position to make his pedaling “with the heels” efficient and pleasant, with a small bonus for the rear rack allowing him to carry his walking stick.
Hervé is a great inspiration to us, and we put a lot of heart into carrying out his project.
We had an appointment this Tuesday for the delivery, and the challenge that this bike represented in terms of geometry brought a certain adrenaline on our side.
“You did a sublime job. I immediately feel very good on the bike, and I really feel like I’m pedaling with ease. The position is very pleasant and different from my previous bikes. The dropper post with its handlebar control makes the bike so practical to use. Thank you very much gentlemen! Shall we take a family photo with my bike?”
After having enjoyed watching Hervé take control of his bike and no longer get off the saddle, we therefore proceeded to a small portrait with him, his bike and the two of us, captured by our dear friend photographer Jesus Baptista.
Observing and listening to the reactions of our customers during deliveries is something we can never get tired of. So thank you Hervé for your trust, your optimism and these moments of sharing!
Fork: Custom steel crank // Framework : Custom Columbus Zona crank // Crankset: Specialty TA Carmina 42dts // Cassette: Deore 11-46 // Brake caliper: TRP Spyke // Levers: Shimano // Rear hub: Deore // Front hub: Shimano Alfine Dynamo // Stem: Ritchey Classic // Seatpost: Dropper post Ascent 150mm // Handlebar: Jones // Headset: Stronglight // Rims: DTSwiss R500db // Tires: WTB Byway 650Bx47 // Saddle: Brooks imperial // Grips: Brooks // Lighting: Busch and Müller IQ-XS + Line Small // Mudguards : Berthoud 650Bx60
Delivered at the workshop on: 18.01.22