The idea of offering you an anthology of custom builds using our accessories has been in our minds for some time now. A desire fueled by our daily rides in our town, Strasbourg, crossing paths with other cyclists proudly cruising with their Le Panier and Le Porteur on the front of their faithful bike.

A variety of mounts, sometimes the good old Motobecane passed down from generation to generation, the slightly more modern but just as hyped Rockrider from the 90s, or the fresh Surly . A diversity in which our basket always feels at home; “timeless” some might say. That’s a brief feeling of Strasbourg, but what about abroad?

Here is a small selection of some of the builds created by our friends, artisans and independent shops. (Please note that this is not a top list, and the order does not in any way reflect an order of preference, but simply a spotlight).

MUSETTE Bicycles & Coffee

We took the Manivelle X Caddie Edition 60s pannier basket as a starting point. What we wanted to do was build a bike that gave a nod to the spirit of the 1960s and had a price-point to match. A homage to an era, maybe just imaginary, but when people experimented, the world seemed new and hope abounded.

For this build we aimed to create an accessible, affordable bike that would live up to its name: Preamble; that we understood to mean first bicycle rides and exploratory experiences.We chose a Surly “entry level” frame-set and reimagined the phrase “entry level”, in so much as “entry level” is the whole philosophy of the bike. Just getting into cycling. Starting out.

Its not an ultra light, ultra long-distance slay shred. Granted. We built it mostly out of left over parts from the recent era of stock shortages, pre-orders and logistical nightmares. Still the Tiagra flat bar set-up is sweeeet. We used parts from both Manivelle and Mediumtwo independent French companies making useful parts that offer solutions capable of colourfully showing the possibilities of custom builds.

This is a bike for easily packing everything you need …with the bags you already own. A bike for cruising around town, picking up groceries at the market, a baguette, cheese and a bottle of wine, picnics, road rides in the afternoon, hopping trains, an introduction to groovy day trips, your first overnighters, or really whatever takes your fancy. – Christopher

(Translation )
Le Panier – 60s edition
was the starting point for this project. .

. . .

. . . . .

. . – Christopher

If you are in Bordeaux and want to see beautiful bikes while drinking a good hot coffee, you have your address: @musettebikecafe

Credits Musette Bicycles & Coffee

Atelier Rebié

When Cycles Manivelle and Caddie launched their collaboration on this bicycle basket, my imagination quickly ran wild: what better way to adapt a colorful Rebié basket bag than with this multicolored version! The context was set and the opportunity was there to test this new format for my girlfriend’s vintage MBK. A few patterns, a bit of head-scratching, the choice of the most colorful fabrics, and off we go for a bag reinforced with foam on the bottom and sides, a volume adaptable to any use (with this simple roll-up system) and the possibility of detaching it easily to carry it on the shoulder with a removable strap. All designed and manufactured in France, linking a historic player in French industry with craftsmen.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customization of any kind! – Aymeric

To find out more about Aymeric’s work : /@atelierrebie

Credits Aymeric – Atelier Rebie


The collaboration between Cycles Manivelle and BMQ was born out of a common idea: to promote the idea that a basket is fun, but also the desire to dispel any misconceptions about this type of assembly! So for us, the idea was simple: design a bag that’s as useful for travel as it is for everyday use, modern and customizable. So we came up with the idea of a “satchel” type bag, but with all the little “extras” adapted to travel: adjustable volume, external lace to carry even more stuff or keep it easily accessible, quick assembly and disassembly (because when you get to the spot to sleep in the evening, you don’t want to spend 5 minutes just disassembling a satchel!) – Marion & Quentin

To get in touch or (re)discover their production: @bymarionquentin


Credits ByMarion&Quentin

Rook Studio

Based in Rotterdam, Rokus, the creator of Rook Studio, is one of the big names in the world of (re)building : making new assemblies from vintage parts, often taken from old mountain bike catalogs, and turning them into perfect commuter bikes. To learn more about Rokus and his superb montages


Credits Rokus – Rook Studio

Oban Cycles

The first-generation 26-inch full-rigid bikes have never ceased to seduce, especially when some of France’s finest brands join the project to offer a set-up that’s perfect for urban riding and short outings in the countryside. Always driven by the idea of focusing on quality frames that guarantee both durability and reasonable weight, we also aim to recycle as many vintage parts as possible. However, the drivetrain has been modified to offer the ease of use of a single-plate unit. Farewell, too, to the fragile, unreliable GripShifts of our teenage years. We prefer a good old-fashioned indexed Thumbshifter, future-proof and with a much lighter aesthetic. The sobriety of the frame is underlined by the choice of silver braided sheaths, revealing a generation of bikes where no attempt was made to hide everything. This pair of tires features generous cream-colored sidewalls that play up the contrast. At the other end of the spectrum, the Porteur luggage carrier from Manivelle stands out for its finesse and discretion – the star is what you carry inside! On the accessory side, Compackt Design’s hand-sewn Nano pannier provides a small, easily accessible, waterproof storage space with a pleasing finish. The result is a two-wheeler with a reassuring look, efficient mechanics and a tribute to the best skids of our childhood. – Etienne Coutable

To find out more about Etienne’s work : /

Credits Etienne coutable

Morning Cycles

The restoration of my Trek 930 was much more than a simple bike refurbishment. It was a reconnection with the past, transforming a vintage steel frame into an iconic piece of modern everyday life.

Choosing the single chainring for my Trek 930 was not just a question of mechanical simplicity, but a declaration of intent: to prioritize efficiency and functionality to make it the ideal everyday companion, a perfect commuter.
Every addition, from the mudguards to the dynamo, was a conscientious step in shaping a bike that goes beyond simple transportation. My restored Trek 930 is a fusion of timeless vintage charm and contemporary practicality, with the ‘Cranks’ basket as the finishing touch, symbolizing the alliance between style and utility. – Michel

Belgian friends, if you’d like to find out more about the fabulous Morning Cycles team and discover their stores, click here :

Credits Michel – Morning Cycles

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