Discover Mickaël’s Manivelle N°48!


We have an appointment at the end of the afternoon with Mickaël for the delivery of his Manivelle N°48. It’s still early, a beautiful sun is rising behind the windows of the workshop, and a text message arrives on the pro phone: “Hi guys! Nice day to pick up your bike *bigsmiley* I hope to arrive between 4:30 and 5:00 pm “

At 4:32 pm, Mickaël knocks on the door. Everything is already prepared to make the suspense last and not to reveal his bike immediately. He accepts a coffee, we chat. He speaks noticeably faster than in our other interviews, we can feel his excitement rising. He asks us how we found the rendering of his choice of color, our faces talk for us

We remove the sheet hiding the Manivelle N°48, Mickaël is now looking at it A beautiful long distance road project, with many details that have been coated with a cream color that we find very tasteful.

Mickaël first approaches the details. “Oh the internal routing” “Mmh that shape” “I love the location of the light!”. Then he takes a step back to see the whole bike, his hands and eyes and his mouth confirm that we have fulfilled his desire. “It’s great, gentlemen, congratulations. What do we do, try it? Do we make the adjustments together?”

His question makes us smile. We suggest that he pick up his pedals and shoes. In no time, he gets them and laces his boa. We remove his Manivelle from the display. Here we are, Mickaël is ready for the first roll. We give him a quick briefing on the transmission, but he already knows Campagnolo and their thumb trigger, having ancestors of the Chorus group on other bikes.

Here he is in the saddle. It goes on the cobblestones of our square before turning right onto the Cooperative Street which sees the first steps of each of our bikes. Mickaël’s legs, who practices skating in winter, are ready to push hard on the pedals and see what the bike has to say.

This Cooperative Street is curved, and if our clients disappear quickly, we never really know when they will resurface. We suspect that some of them go much further than the end of the street. Mickaël comes back to us, he has taken a hell of a speed. “Wow. I feel so good. There’s nothing to move, all is perfectly on point! We laugh together, and are very happy to see Mickaël taking all this pleasure. We finish the afternoon together, take some pictures, before wishing him a good trip.

The next morning, when he was supposed to leave on vacation, he wrote to us: “Hello, I couldn’t resist going on the first outing before going skiing. What happiness!” All accompanied by a small photo.

What a great job we do 🙂


Fork: Columbus Futura Gravel // Frame: Custom Manivelle, Columbus Life // Group: Campagnolo Chorus, 50-34/ 11-42, hydraulic disc // // Front wheel: Duke Road Runner 30 DISC, SON 28 hub // Rear wheel : Duke Road Runner 30 DISC, Hope RS4 hub // Hanger: Ritchey venturemax wcs// Headset: Hope // Saddle : Berthoud Galibier // Tire: Hutchinson Fusion // Stem : Ritchey WCS // Seatpost : Manivelle x Starbar // Handlebars :Berthoud // Lighting : Busch and Müller IQ-X (+coaxial Son) + Line Small //


Delivered to the workshop on 16.02.23