Discover Valentin’s Manivelle N°51


“How do you feel?

– Excited, yeah, a lot! I came on foot, it took me an hour. I had plenty of time to build up the tension!”

In the workshop, Valentin’s Manivelle N°51 is ready to be unveiled to its owner. It’s hidden under its white sheet, a small piece of rim and tire sticking out.

We chat a little with Valentin, asking him about the escapades awaiting his new companion. He took the day off and planned to inaugurate his Manivelle in the Saverne area that very afternoon. This summer’s headliner is Bordeau-Strasbourg, via a gravel route through the Limousin, Massif-Central and Morvan regions.

We drop the sheet, and Valentin discovers the result in the subdued light that we like to install in the workshop. The customer then gets an intimate look at his or her project, before the bike is fully revealed under the sun of the first rides. Valentin takes the bike in hand. He’s already telling us how much he feels that he will enjoy riding it. Now he want to get on saddle. We’re taking a little time to give the bike a closer look, to retrace the adventure so far.

“I’m really happy with the choices we’ve made together. I see the fruit of all our exchanges, it’s pretty crazy how now that I see it, I tell myself I imagined it exactly like this.”

We leave the workshop so Valentin can get started. When he returns from his neighborhood tour, the smile on his face protrudes from all sides. “It’s excellent. I feel so good. The bike responds superbly, it’s not soft, and it doesn’t tap either. I can’t wait to keep riding!” We invite him to ride along with us for a while, take a few shots and continue to observe the handling of his new Manivelle. These moments are delicious.

Valentin thanks us once again. We do the same, the trust our customers place in us is beautiful.

Bonne route Valentin!

Update ( Oct. 23): In our inbox, the first feedback from Valentin, after a summer spent with his Crank:

“To come back to the bike, it’s exceptional! Even when loaded, it’s incredibly fluid and easy to forget. On the restarts, he responds in kind, and on the climbs, it was only the weight of my panniers that handicapped me.
But what’s most striking is when it’s empty. As mentioned above, it’s very forgettable, which is hardly a flaw! It’s an extension of me. I do what I want with it. At least what I can, because in the technical sections, it’s not the bike that’s at fault but the rider.
It’s a real pleasure to ride. Every outing brings back the pleasure of riding. I can’t help but smile when I’m on it.
I really wanted to thank you for this wonderful work, I didn’t expect so much. It’s a real source of pride to ride and exhibit your work.
Thanks again,
Valentin “

Fork: Columbus Futura Cross+ carbon // Frame: Custom Manivelle, Columbus Life // Group: Campagnolo Ekar, 10-44 cassette, hydraulic disc // Crankset: Ingrid Component, 40dts // Front wheel : DUKE BACARA SLS2 36mm + Son28 // Rear: DUKE BACARA SLS2 36mm + Aivee N3W // Handlebars: Deda Gravel // Headset: Hope // Saddle: Brooks Cambium // Tires: René Herse Hurricane 700×42 // Stem: Custom crank. // Seatpost: Star Bar // Handlebars:Brooks // Lighting: Son Dynamobend // Bottle cage: Manivelle //

Delivered to workshop on 06.07.23