Discover Thierry’s Manivelle N°59!

This is our second appointment. That’s when we start dreaming about the project in concrete terms, and get down to drawing. We talk about Thierry’s cycling experience, his expectations of himself and the bike, and how he hopes to ride in the future. The behavior of this Manivelle is now clear, but what about its soul? We ask Thierry to tell us about an object that is already in his life and that matters. He tells us about a table with a unique design, where all the table foots hold together with just one long thread rod. This logic moves him. Thierry’s Manivelle will be designed with this in mind, and we’ll be looking for beautiful interfaces. We continue this meeting by talking about passion and technique, without quite concluding which one supports the other.

At the end of April 2024, Thierry is back at the workshop for delivery of his custom-built bike. He retired two weeks ago. And his heart is full of projects. The Manivelle N°59 has been designed and built to take him where he’s never gone before. To offer him beautiful, long climbs too, which he eagerly awaits to find himself, in an enlightening and reassuring effort. Through this choice of craftsmanship, Thierry is also continuing his journey to decarbonize his lifestyle as much as possible. And the craftsmanship doesn’t stop with his handmade bike, as a whole set of bespoke bags is currently being made by Tijmen, creator of the Witslinger brand (Leipzig).

Thierry arrives accompanied by his granddaughter and son. A few weeks ago, he came by to take a look at the frame and fork before they were painted. At the time, we told him about the details that run through his Manivelle, notably the sculpted work at the top tube/seat tube/upper stays interface. There are also things we didn’t show: the front and rear racks, the stem. Because Thierry trusted us in carte blanche mode, as do all our customers, it’s in this context that we like to create.

We’re ready to remove the sheet and unveil Thierry’s new bike. The feeling of a job well done, allowing us to enjoy Thierry’s reactions and emotions in complete serenity. It’s a lovely moment, as we watch eyes darting all over the bike, and hands starting to come closer to the bike. We suggest Thierry puts on his shoes and goes for a fitting. Once through the door of the workshop, we count a meter and a half before seeing Thierry already in the saddle, taking off a little further into the neighborhood. A few minutes later, he’s back, giving us his first impressions with a big smile behind his glasses.

Two days later, Thierry had already climbed the Saint-Odile via Le Chemin des Pèlerins (a very steep gravel/mtb path) with his new Manivelle. He is now into much more palpable prospects of adventure.

Thierry, we wish you much happiness on your journey, and are very proud to have been able to build you your new tool of freedom.


Frame: Custom Manivelle, Columbus Life // Fork: Custom Manivelle // Drivetrain: Sram Rival 11 speed 11-42 // Crankset: Rotor // Braking: Sram Rival // Front wheel : DTSwiss GR531db 650B + Son 28 dynamo hub // Rear wheel: DTSwiss GR531db 650B + DTSwiss 350 hub // Hanger: Ritchey Classic Venturemax // Headset: Hope // Saddle: Berthoud // Tires: Hutchinson Overide 650Bx47 // Stem: Custom Manivelle // Seatpost: Star Bar // Handlebars : Berthoud // Lighting: Busch&Muller // Luggage rack: Custom crank handle // Mudguards: Velo Orange // Bottle cages: Crank handle

Delivered to workshop on 25.04.24