We’re delighted to offer you a new category in our online store. Its name:“Sur l’Étagère”. (trad : on the shelf)

Part of our job as a custom bike manufacturer is to select components. A selection based on our convictions, our field tests and our human relations with the people behind the brands we work with. With this new section, we’re offering for sale some of the parts that are on our shelf, next to the crates of our customers waiting for a Manivelle.

Two ideas behind this section:

give visibility to the small brands we love, through the quality and responsible approach of their productions

have a active stock on our shelf to ease the running of our small business

This category will see its catalog change over time, depending on our discoveries. Today, we’re launching “Sur l’Étagère” with three brands we’re excited to unveil.

Manivelle becomes exclusive Wizard Works reseller in France!

Our collaboration with Wizard Works, an artisanal bag manufacturer based in London, continues to evolve. After meeting in 2021 for the bagagerie du Manivelle presented at CDM21and the resounding collaboration with our baskets and their Alakazam bag a few weeks ago, we can now announce that we’ve become exclusive resellers of Wizard Works in France.

Why this choice? Firstly, because Veronica and Harry are two great people with whom we share many ideas (read Veronica’s interview). Plus, it’s a synergy. We’ve been selling our accessories for some time now, and even if it was our initial utopia, selling in France isn’t enough. Or at least not yet, since many consumers/shoppers still prefer the bigger, often cheaper brands. So, Wizard Works helps us grow in England, we help them in France. Finally, Wizard Works luggage is just too well thought out and super pretty, and we’re like children when we receive Wizard Works at the workshop.

We will operate on a pre-order basis, to limit the number of shipments, and to operate without stock to avoid unsold items. The calendar: we place orders with Wizard Works every first Monday of the month, based on your pre-orders on the store. It will then take about ten days to receive your order.

We invite you to browse our product pages, but also to visit the Wizard Works websiteto find out more about their work!


STAR BAR seatposts made in Alsace, France

You may have already noticed the seat posts on most Custom Manivelle, with their distinctive carriage clamping and zero offset. Well, they’re made some twenty kilometers from the workshop by Star Bar, an Alsatian manufacturer with a long history in the BMX and motocross worlds. We asked them to produce 27.2-diameter seatposts in hardened 7075 aluminum. And we now offer them for sale in our boutiqueafter having kept this production for some time solely for our made-to-measure creations.


Busch & Müller lighting, made in Germany

Products that we know by heart, and that we find unbeatable for their quality/price/durability ratio, while remaining made in Germany. So we bring them to you on the shelfIt’s as simple as that.


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