Since a few hours, a new reference of luggage just appeared on our store:

the empty pocket!

This summer, we took some time to think about the next step in our luggage line. We have been thinking for a while about our version of the pouch-bag, food-pouch, or simply vide-poche, in French. A small bag that fits on the stem and hanger, which receives our nibbles when we travel, or our keys and other vacant objects when we move around the city.

The first drawing was made more than two years ago. The rush of the workshop left the plans in the drawers for a while, but we pulled them out this year to rework them and finally bring our pocketbook to life.

This product introduces a new material into our library of reused textiles: parachute fabric!

For this first series, we have concocted four colors. The pocket organizer is of course handmade in Strasbourg by our partner Libre Objet.

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