There’s nothing like an outside opinion to assess the quality of our products. And then there are all the ones we receive in our mailbox, which we all read, which warm our hearts, and which we take into account when you comment on certain details. Today, we’re bringing you a little press review with three “public” outside opinions, from Josh for TheRadavistLucas for and Russ for Path Less Pedaled. Thank you to these three world-renowned presses for putting the spotlight on brands like ours, and not just on the big industry with its overwhelming marketing.

. . Super important point for everyday cyclists like me, my Macbook fits perfectly into the Crank Basket, whereas it’s always a challenge to get it into the Wald. . I consider Wald baskets to be well made, and I’ve yet to break one despite a handful of falls over the years, but the Maneville Basket’s build quality is superior to the 137 and 139 in every way. The upper wires on Wald baskets can feel a little flimsy where they curl around the upper rim, but the Manivelle is firmly welded at each meeting point. The construction is rock solid. Crucially for bike commuters like me, my Macbook fits effortlessly inside the Manivelle Basket, whereas squeezing it into bags made for the smaller Wald 137 is always a little challenging, though doable. Another area where the Manivelle outshines Wald’s offerings is in its hardware, which I’ll get to in the following section. – Lucas Winzenburg”

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The Radavist

. “While domestic production and clever mounting hardware are important aspects of this basket, I think its size and weight might actually top the list of selling points. Situated between the two currently available sizes of Wald baskets (137 and 139) and the popular Rasket from Pelgo, the Manivelle Basket occupies a sweet spot in weight and volume that I think even Goldilocks would appreciate. – Josh Weinberg”


Pass Less Pedaled

The Crank Basket is the new king of basketpacking – Russ Roca

“Manivelle basket is the new king basket for basketpacking – Russ Roca

2nd Life Bike

Crank is the best basket ever (video title) – Craig


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