Le Vide Poche – Pouch bag [Transparent/Sea green]


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This stem bag (also known as a pouch bag or stem bag) is the little extra volume you need for your bikepacking adventures. The Vide Poche is easy to install on your gravel, road, commuter or draisienne bike, using two Velcro fasteners to secure around the handlebars and stem, and a cord to pass around the fork sleeve to stabilize everything. Easy to handle on the road thanks to its one-hand opening, you can easily drop in your water bottle, small snack and a few tools. And the most inventive among you can even turn it into a little bag to carry on your person, by adding a nice rope or strap =)

We wanted the the Food Pouch to be made of up-cycled materials. And to achieve this, we have created our own up-cycling system. Originally designed to cover trucks, our tarpaulins are about to experience a completely different adventure. After being collected, sorted, cut up and cleaned, they are ready to be recycled into hanger bags, shopping bags and gallows bags.

Like all our bags, Le Vide Poche is handmade in Strasbourg by the superb team at Libre Objet (a Strasbourg-based social workshop), from reused truck tarpaulins.

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Volume: 1.3L (9x9x17cm)

Weight: 80 grams

3-point Velcro® fastening with polyester cord

Handmade in France by the Libre Objet social integration project

Waterproof truck tarpaulin for reuse

Parachute canopy from dormant stock

Polyester webbing made in France

YKK components

Velcro® fasteners