La Musette [Curry]


The Musette does not know the norm. An urban handlebar bag, a shoulder bag or an oversized fanny pack? Take the versatility of the musette to the max and reinvent the way you wear it every time!

We wanted the Musette to be made of recycled materials. And to achieve this, we have created our own recovery system.. Originally designed to cover trucks, our tarpaulins are about to experience a completely different adventure. After being collected, sorted, cut up and cleaned, they are ready to be reused as musettes.

The Musette is handmade in France. Manivelle has been working in partnership with an integration centrer specializing in textile work since 1997 in Strasbourg. Whatever the nationality of the designer, a beautiful human story is always hidden behind your Musette!

Do you have a question about the product? We invite you to visit our F.A.Q. or contact us at contact@cyclesmanivelle if you can’t find your answer there!

Volume: de 1L à 10L


Poids: 450 grammes

Bâche de camion étanche de réemplois

Cordura de réemploi

Ceinture de sécurité

Fabrication française à la main

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