For several months now, we have been offering the Alakazam bag from Wizard Works, custom-made to the dimensions of the Manivelle basket with and without.

To celebrate this proud collaboration, we asked Ve, Harry and the Wizard Works team to incorporate one of our favorite raw materials, tarpaulin, into a very, very limited edition of this bag. They liked the idea, and we took advantage of a parcel containing a pretty order of baskets bound for London, to slip in a selection of colorful tarpaulins. A few discussions about color composition later, the Wizard Works sewing machines fired up for a tiny production run of 4 bags by this talented team.

Here they are now available exclusively in our store!


A very limited edition that stands out for its raw materials and colorful composition. Apart from that, this Alakazam remains an Alakazam, i.e. a bag for everything, in town and on the move. Its variable volume (11 to 49L) will allow you to store all those little everyday things, your groceries but also your down jacket and your kitchen utensils. Its roll-top closure, Cordura composition and inner lining make this bag particularly waterproof. And as an added bonus, two straps for loading larger volumes! A feature we’re absolute fans of, for dropping off parcels at the post office or picking up pizzas for friends =)

The Alakazam bag can also be worn over the shoulder, with a shoulder strap that can be added as desired.


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