Le Sac à dos is now available!

We are delighted to present this new bag, which has been in development for over a year. Available in 5 colors, this novelty can be worn as a backpack, tote bag or basket. We’ve designed it as a bag that can be shaped and enlarged at the user’s will.

Its modularity, recycled raw materials and French, hand-made :

It’s an everyday bag that stands out from the crowd, can be worn as a backpack or on the shoulder, and fits perfectly on a front rack. The Backpack is a city or trip partner, has pockets for your 13″ laptop and your daily essentials, and opens wide when doing local market or a gourmet picnic. It’s packed with buckles and small pockets to organize yourself in a pretty way.

Le Sac à dos has a minimum volume of 18L when the adjustment straps are at their minimum. The back of the bag and the shoulder straps are made of a multi-layered 3D mesh padding and a breathable perforated textile, for a comfortable and breathable contact. Stiffening bars are integrated into the back pannel to ensure that the bag remains ergonomic, even when empty. The backpack is organized into a main volume made of waterproof tarpaulin, an inside pocket for your computer, an outside front pocket for your small items and two elastic side pockets. The backpack’s main closure is a YKK injected closure, a component chosen for its durability.

The backpack features a front roll-top for front access to the contents, inspired by hiking bags. This roll-top closure is also what makes Le Sac à Dos convertible into a tote, with two straps that hide themselves inside the bag. In this “tote” configuration, the volume becomes generous and reaches a size of 33.5L. A small elastic cord allows the backpack straps to be quickly fastened under the back area so they don’t dangle. A small bonus pocket is also revealed when Le Sac à dos is opened in tote mode, to keep your keys or phone close at hand.

Le Sac à dos is designed to fit the dimensions of the Manivelle Basket. Its central roll-top closure allows quick access to its contents once the bag is installed in the basket. It also fits perfectly on most front racks.

Our most technical product since the beginning

We’ve been working with the Libre Objet workcamp since 2019. What a journey it’s been since we started out, and we’re progressing hand in hand with each new reference. Le Sac à dos has many details, and no fewer than 5 prototypes were produced during development to arrive at this product, which we love in its entirety. We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you in your Manivelle backpack!

Many thanks to the Libre Objet team for your talent and hard work. Thank you to Steelcase for trusting us to recycle their offcuts. Thanks to Elsa, and to Les Ateliers Éclaires for their help in producing the various photoshots.


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