Discover Élodie’s Manivelle N°40!

“I checked the weather forecast for next week and Wednesday will probably be fine. So if it’s possible to schedule delivery on Wednesday? I’m too excited! »

3:30 p.m., Wednesday. The sun is there, Elodie too. We install her Manivelle in the middle of the workshop under a black sheet, turn off the lights and turn on our neon reserved for delivery days. “I’m intimidated here, can I come in? A personality like Elodie, you get attached to it quickly. From the first meeting, we immersed ourselves in her great sensitivity and her well-established character. And this Wednesday afternoon, she had another highlight in store for us.

“I have a lot of expectations in this bike. I wonder what will happen once I find out. All this time since we first met, an excitement has growing up. Now that we’re at it, what will the aftermath look like? In fact, today is the first day of the rest of my life. More than a bike, it’s an escape to leave this negative period that has lasted too long. Elodie doesn’t tell us that to put pressure on us, it’s her honesty that speaks. Nevertheless, our hands are shaking when lifting the sheet after this wonderful confidence.

We like to observe and decipher the emotions of our clients during this “fall of the sheets”. There, Elodie took her time, turned around her new bike, took a few steps back. I had projected myself into an image, after our long discussions on the design, the color, the components. But it exceeded my expectations! Good job guys “.

We go over the details, talk about his next adventures, his short and longer term aspirations. Before leaving the workshop for her first test ride, this so magical moment to live for us. We watch Elodie settle in and take her marks, we appreciate seeing her position herself naturally. She gives us her first feedback, tells us that she already has the feeling of knowing the bike, as if it were innate. And adds this little punchline that gives us a little more smile: “it’s a real schlappe! “.

She tells us that her first trip will be the following weekend, to visit her grandparents. We take a picture of her with her Crank, then she asks us to pose. Decidedly, a new habit for our customers, but we absolutely do not sulk our pleasure. The sun is still there, taking on the colors of the end of the day. It’s time for the first kms for Elodie, while we join the workshop, our hearts full and the very strong desire to go riding too. It will be for in a few hours or this weekend, for the moment we are putting on the overalls with the smile fixed on our faces.

Thank you for your trust Elodie, and have a nice road to you!

Fork: Custom steel crank // Framework : Custom Columbus Life crank // Crankset: 36-tooth Vegast rotor // Cassette: Shimano SLX 11-42 // Brake caliper: TRP Spyke // Levers: Sram Apex // Pair of wheels: MASON x HUNT Adventure Dynamo disc // Stem: Ritchey 4 vaxis // Seatpost: Ritchey // Handlebar: Beacon 42mm Ritchey // Headset: Stronglight // Tyres: Hutchinson Overide 650Bx47 // Saddle: Brooks shorts B17 // Handlebar tape : Brooks // Lighting: Busch and Müller IQ-XS + Line Small // Mudguards : VO 650Bx60
Delivered to the workshop on: 09.02.22