[NEXT WORKSHOP : 17.12.2022]

Category : Textile

Price and duration : 60€/ 3h

Difficulty : Intermediate

During this workshop, come and make your own pouch bag. This workshop is for beginners who are comfortable with their hands, as well as for people who have already practiced sewing.

During these 3 hours, we will guide you individually, and step by step, so that you all leave with your bag! Your pouch bag will quickly become indispensable: to slip in your keys, your favorite drink, your snack, your camera. It can be attached to your handlebars, to your bag, to your belt.

What we will learn together during the workshop:

  • Familiarize yourself with the sewing machine: This workshop will allow you to learn the basics of the sewing machine if you have never touched it, and to deepen your knowledge for those who have already used this tool. We will learn how to prepare the sewing machine, set it up, make straight and zig-zag seams, flat, on a volume piece.
  • Use different textiles: The pocket protector is made of two main materials: a thick and rigid tarpaulin, which gives the bag its hold; and a polyester fabric, for the thinner parts. Two textiles that react in different ways while sewing. We’ll find out together!
  • Working with templates: You will use templates to cut out the different parts. You can also use them to position the yokes and locate the seams. Like in a professional textile workshop!
  • Reuse the material: the tarpaulin we are working on comes from a reuse channel. We will compose your bag with fabric scraps. Choose your colors and create your own unique design. Reuse is always a source to create!

The DÉTOUR workshop program is offered in partnership with Les ateliers éclairés and is supported by the Tango&Scan.