This Thursday was the first DETOUR workshop. Here is the report behind the lens!


Our four evening students, Linda, Samuel, Yannick and Adrien, made their toolkit (

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). Linda and Adrien had already practiced a little bit with the sewing machine, Samuel and Yannick not at all.

The workshop started with a presentation of the evening, the different steps, and an initiation on the machine with some first sewing attempts. Then, the students were able to choose their tarp colors, and sew, cut, and recut until they had their new toolkit.

All four of them told us that they enjoyed the moment very much, leaving with a beautiful object and a new know-how.

Bravo to them for their application and their enthusiasm, we spent a beautiful evening which was also for us a first. And we loved it, sharing our know-how. So, we can’t wait for the next date (

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) !


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